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Let Me Help You Begin Healing & Be in Control of Your New Life

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Can you relate to thinking this … ?

If I just try harder, if I just work on myself some more, if I just get more therapy, read more books and do more workshops, and if I just understand you and love you more … finally life can come together for me?

If this story sounds like your life – welcome! I think you and I have earned degrees trying EVERYTHING to be loved!

But, so sadly, despite all these efforts, often it doesn’t work … and we may come face to face with the biggest nightmare of all – a toxic relationship that threatens to steal our soul and take our very life force.
This was my story and, chances are, because you are reading this, it has been your story too.

Over ten years ago, as a result of not being able to break away and leave a narcissistic relationship, or get on with my life, I had a complete psychotic and adrenal breakdown that I was told I would never recover from.

Yet I did.


But not just in an ‘ordinary’ way. In an ‘extraordinary’ way that defied everything the medical fraternity and every therapist believed was possible.

At first, I thought my recovery was only about me – after all I was fighting for my life. Further along I discovered my soul had bigger ideas – this Thriver Recovery was the catalyst that would lead to me to becoming the founder of Quanta Freedom Healing, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) and the Thriver Abuse Recovery Movement which has now touched the lives of 10 million people from over 100 countries world-wide. You can read reviews of their experiences here.

My book You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse  became an Amazon best seller in days, and is now being translated into multiple languages, and humbly, my abuse recovery system (NARP) has created more true recoveries than any other. Today it is recommended by doctors, psychologists, therapists and renowned relationship experts from all over the world.

My greatest soul mission is to educate and show people, just like you, that there is a way to heal for real from abuse and Thrive, no matter how old you are, what you have lost, how broken you are, and even if abuse is all that you have ever known.

I want you to know, especially because of what you have been through, there is a way for you to reconnect to true life force, joy, purpose, love and health way beyond anything you may have previously known, even before abuse.


I have always been fascinated about healing and reaching our truest potential and happiness, regardless of our traumatic backgrounds and setbacks, and I am determined and dedicated to living what I preach!

I am a continual devoted Quantum student of life, discovering more and more ways to release my false beliefs and traumas, fill up with my Higher Self and transform into the most expanded, radiant and conscious version of myself possible.

I love sharing with you my never-ending expanded understandings of the greater truths and higher paths (including my breakdowns and breakthroughs!) through my bi-weekly Thriver TV episodes, newsletters and on Facebook and Instagram.

My passions include writing, fitness, healthy living, yoga, philanthropy, living life boldly and authentically and creating true, unwavering, honest and kind love.

My motto is to live my life with a combination of Grace and Power, and to fully accept the richness of the journey – no matter how it seems or what anyone else is or isn’t doing!

I have lived the full gamut of the human relationship experience from being in the bowels of hell with two narcissistic relationships, to the greatest light after healing my relationship with myself, life and others to levels beyond my wildest dreams.

This is the journey, from Abused to Survivor to Thriver, that I am thrilled beyond measure to help you achieve too.