Beyond Broken

A No Charge Workshop Led By Melanie Tonia Evans

How to Reclaim Your Heart
and Heal From Narcissistic Abuse

Beyond Broken

A No Charge Workshop Led By Melanie Tonia Evans

How to Reclaim Your Heart and Heal From Narcissistic Abuse


Are You Struggling to Break Free and Rebuild  Your Life After a Toxic and Traumatizing Relationship?

Access the Recording of This Live, No-Charge Workshop and Discover the Real Reasons Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse Has Been So Hard and How You Can Start to Heal For Real.

Narcissists devastate lives, distort reality and destroy souls.

If you’ve been entangled with a narcissist, you know the insidious nature of this horrific abuse firsthand.

From manipulation and gaslighting to emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and sometimes even physical violence, the toll of enduring such toxicity can be staggering, leaving devastating impacts including profound feelings of betrayal, confusion, and self-doubt in its wake.

Leaving these abusive relationships and recovering from the devastation they cause is extremely challenging. Even for those who are strong and well-resourced, it’s common to find yourself in a “break-up to make-up” cycle with the narcissist, further eroding your confidence and self-worth. And for those that do manage to break free, the aftermath can leave scars that extend far beyond the surface, affecting every aspect of one's life in debilitating ways.

Which is why it’s imperative for you to know this truth…

Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse is Not Only Possible, It’s Probable! 
If You Understand Some Simple, Yet Powerful Truths About How to Activate Your Healing. 

During the workshop, Melanie will explore why traditional approaches to narcissistic abuse fall short.

From debunking common misconceptions to unveiling a powerful and effective method for healing, we'll explore:

The #1 Barrier to Healing: Why conventional approaches to narcissistic abuse recovery fall short and what you should focus on instead to activate healing.

The Pitfalls of Overthinking: The reason excessive rumination and research hinder progress, and why you should stop trying to think your way to healing.

The Inner Work: Why embracing your emotions and aligning with your Wisest Self is essential to heal for real. 

Beyond Broken: How to Reclaim Your Heart and Heal From Narcissistic Abuse

Watch as Melanie Tonia Evans, author and narcissistic abuse recovery expert leads this no charge workshop:



 Powerful Workshop and Discover How to Move Beyond the  Devastation and Despair of Narcissistic Abuse and Start to Heal for Real.

No matter how challenging your current circumstances are, what you’ve lost, how old you are, or if you are still actively involved in a relationship with the narcissist, there is a path to healing and wholeness. One that is gentle, loving and supportive and can powerfully restore you and your life to the fullness, love, peace, and prosperity you were designed for. 

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About Melanie Tonia Evans

Melanie’s leading edge healing methods have helped thousands of people from over 150 countries make astounding full recoveries from narcissistic abuse.

Her passion is bringing to the world the Thriver Model … which saved her life and granted her the life of her dreams, despite being given the diagnosis that she would never recover from her abuse symptoms.

Melanie’s Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program™ which contains her pioneer super-tool, Quanta Freedom Healing™, enables people to heal from trauma in time frames and ways they had never previously accessed – even when every other healing method has failed.

Melanie’s work is revolutionizing the old model of Survivor Recovery to one of Thriver status – whereby people become more confident, happy and successful in life, than they ever were even before being abused … or even if abuse was all they have ever known.

The Thriver Model has gained incredible attention and recognition, with psychologists, counselors, domestic violence workers and relationship experts globally, referring abuse victims to Melanie’s model as the solution to heal for real from narcissistic abuse.


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