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Vollie Aced Her Recovery and Separation and Generated Miraculous Outcomes In Stunning Timeframes

Before finding Melanie’s NARP program I was in a narcissistic 22-year marriage. I had tried to get out many times, but I just couldn’t. I was stuck and trauma-bonded.

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Vollie , USA

Heather Found the Answers to Leave and Heal That Therapy Didn’t Provide Her

In May 2022, my marriage ended, and I was so broken, traumatised and ill, I knew I was in trouble. Despite 2 years of therapy and endless couple counselling, “narcissism” had never been identified. Rather, I thought I was the problem. Thankfully I heard the word “narcissist”, discovered Melanie, realised what had happened to me and that she offered true healing solutions.

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Heather, Finland

Jac Finally Escaped a 30-year Marriage to Find Her True Happiness and Power

I had left an abusive 30-year marriage several times, but each time had returned to an ever-worsening situation. This was despite trying counselling, shamanic healing, yoga and kinesiology to try to get the strength to break away.

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Sasha, Finland

Sasha Went From Being Trapped in Toxic Co-parenting, to Empowered Parenting Without Anxiety With Healthy Boundaries.

I found Melanie and NARP a year and a half after I was discarded by my ex-husband. I had extreme anxiety, no knowing how to set myself free from him. Conventional therapy and talking with family and friends provided no relief. I didn't want to continue "living" and didn't want to go on.

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Sasha, Finland

Elizabeth Lost Her Self Blame and Pain and Replaced It With Clarity and Consciousness

For 40 years of life, despite my achievements, I was a walking neon sign for toxic people. After many failed relationships, I felt confused, sad, defective, abused, victimized and ignored. After leaving a 6-year narcissistic marriage I was in shock. Two weeks later I found NARP and Melanie.

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Elizabeth , USA

Anita Healed From a Life of Living Hell, into Her New State of Peace and Light

My life was filled with psychologically and physically abusive relationships. As a result, since a teenager I had self-harmed and developed eating disorders and addictions. After my narcissistic ex-husband sabotaged my business and started a relationship with my friend, I didn’t want to live. Desperate, abandoned, isolated and alone, I tried many different modalities, which didn’t heal me.

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Anita , UK

Finally, After Trying Everything, Faye Healed Her Relationship Agony of “Giving Herself Away.”

I had been loving others at my own expense for years, despite years of self-help and therapy trying to create my own healthier relationship patterns and boundaries. The worst narcissist of all was my crashing point.

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Faye , Australia

Niki Won Full Custody and Rights For Her and Her Children, Ending Years of Painful Litigation

As a result of narcissistic abuse, I was having seizures daily, couldn’t sleep or eat, my adrenals were failing and I didn’t want to live anymore. I’d tried therapy, tapping, somatic experiencing, hypnosis, EMDR and inner child work, but I wasn’t healing.

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Niki, Canada

Paula Healed Her Trauma From A Toxic And Financially Abusive Relationship Just 5 Months After Starting NARP

When I joined NARP my mind was an absolute puddle. I was second guessing myself on everything. It has now been five months since joining NARP. I am amazed at my transition and transformation. The single greatest thing the Modules did for me was put a mirror up to myself. After the initial shock and focusing on letting go of the narcissist and all that entailed, I have been able to incorporate the Modules to other aspects in my life.

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Paula, USA