Love, Health & Wealth Super-Thrive Program

3 Days Of Super Healing & Personal MTE Coaching for 12 Months

  • 3 full-day healing event:
    Saturday January 20th, Saturday, January 27th and Saturday 3rd February
  • 12 Love, Health and Wealth workshops throughout the year
  • 12 months of personal MTE team support via email

*My most expansive and intimate program ever created*

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When you know how to be Love, Health & Wealth from within, then they come.

Do you know that your desires already are your future by Divine Right?

Can you imagine knowing how to unlock what is your True life?

What would it be like to have the certainty and inspiration of what is coming?

Imagine seeing the evidence of your best life appearing every day…

And the right people and abundant opportunities supporting you.

This is what happens when you unlock your relationship with Creation.

Can you imagine the people and events flooding in to support you, when you unlock your relationship with creation? Get used to your new normal!

Most of us have believed, “I don’t deserve it, or maybe it can’t be true for me because of (my limits, previous traumas, age, what I have lost).”

Yet your future has nothing to do with that! Your desires already are your highest life, at the Superconscious/Creation level.

Just waiting for you to unlock them!

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Your power lies within you … You only need to awaken it.

Most people try to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘create’ with just their own limited power.

But there is a much better and way more powerful way to create…

Which is aligning your subconscious with your superconscious to enlist creation itself to serve you and your heart’s desires. Meaning the desires that you seek, start seeking you like guided abundance missiles that don’t miss!

It truly is like turning on a tap! Very few people know how to truly activate this. I DO! This delivered me a total breakdown of my life to having my most spectacular life.

I was able to create more than I had ever experienced in a very short amount of time, from a previous position of no resources, money, property, health or even support networks.

Now, I have a constant supply and flow of abundance and expansion, as well as a kind, gentle, conscious life-partner who nourishes and supports me every day. I also feel the healthiest, most confident and radiant than I have my entire life!

Once upon a time, I thought these three key areas of my life – love, health and wealth would never recover.

Now I am continually thrilled and excited by how they grow and continually blossom with no limits!!

Welcome To My Love, Health & Wealth Super-Thrive Program

Welcome to your Future, where not only are you leaving any abuse, personal devastation or blocks far behind.

You now get to burst forth into the most exciting breakthroughs you can imagine. Ones that make your heart sing!

I created this Super-Thrive Program to teach you how to Go Quantum and succeed in these 3 key areas to unlock the exhilarating and abundant life that is your Soul Truth.

This means:

  • No more trying to ‘create’ from a place of paralysis, blocks and confusion.
  • Eliminating the stop/start results you may have experienced due to self-sabotage.
  • Becoming full of energy, motivation, life force and purpose.



You are about to turn your personal evolution up to HYPER-SPEED, by applying the same principles of Quanta Freedom Healing that have allowed me to:

  • Build a wildly successful organization that literally saves lives every day.
  • Travel the world whilst living my passion.
  • Have rock-solid health, diet and exercise routines that allow me to be the fittest and most vibrant I’ve ever been (at the ripe age of 56).
  • Have a network of supporters, friends and colleagues vaster than I could have ever dreamt of.
  • Enjoy a loving bond with a caring, kind and conscious man that grows stronger every single day.
  • Increase my wealth and prosperity exponentially, as well as be able to benevolently support others.
  • Know that there are no limits to what I want to be, do and experience.

I know you can do this too, because I was once exactly where you are.

Before I found the answers to a successful life, I spent SO MUCH TIME asking myself “How do I rebuild?” and “Where do I start?”

I was stuck in beliefs of … “I am too old to create an incredible life now”, and … ‘I’ve lost too much to ever make a comeback.” And I thought … “These things in my life have never come true for real, or lasted. So why would they now?”

You may be stuck on these questions too … as well as, “What if I get hurt again”, “How can I ever trust again?”, and even “Now that I have these health conditions, financial restrictions etc., — how is it possible to have my best life?”

Or maybe you have come a long way in your healing — and truly desire Love, Health and Wealth, but you just can’t seem to connect to it! That’s normal, and I promise you that there are very good reasons why, that most people don’t know how to resolve!

I too used to feel all of these confusions, frustrations and roadblocks. I know exactly what they are like! But the really cool thing is, now I know how to get you unlocked to soar beyond all of your expectations.

That’s exactly what is going to happen in our 3-day event together!

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(3 full days / 8-hour sessions)

3 Transformational Healing Days With Melanie And Her Team

Day 1 – Love

Love is the key to everything. The alchemy of an open, safe, powerful heart creates miracles that are natural and organically connect with Creation itself.

During this session, we will get your heart open, creating and activating in safe, wholesome and spectacular ways, to bring you joy, life force, energy and aligned beliefs. Activate the true essence of love within and become a magnet to the people who will bring you the highest versions of love.





Day 2 – Health

It’s often said, “Without health we have nothing.” The vessel of your body is an incredible instrument taking you through this journey of life. When you start healing and opening up to Creation, to allow it to enter the cells of your Being where previously toxicity was, your life fills with increased energy, vitality, inspiration and optimism — as well as power.

In my own health journey, and those of countless others, I have seen so-called unhealable diagnoses disappear, and I have seen numerous health limitations melt away. And, commonly, I have even seen people start to age backwards – becoming more beautiful inside and out than ever before!

Day 3 – Wealth

There is more than enough for everyone.
By you being wealthy, it doesn’t mean that others miss out — it means that you get to generate your purpose more than ever.

There are so many limiting beliefs and blocks regarding wealth, that hold back beautiful people, especially sensitive, spiritual people who are often a target for financial predators or disappointing financial lack and loss.

I can’t tell you how many healers and wonderful-hearted people I know who have struggled with money. In our third session together, we are going to put an end to that, once and for all, and deliver you into your True Soul prosperity flow!



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12 Months of Ongoing Support

After 3 immensely powerful days together the transformations do not stop there.

You will be joining me and your fellow Super-Thrivers 12 times throughout the year (from the comfort of your own home) to do specific training and healing sessions that will continue aligning you with Love, Health & Wealth.

My team and I are by your side helping you tackle any blocks preventing you from achieving your heart’s desires, and that’s why in addition to the 12 virtual trainings, we’ve included 12 months of MTE accredited email support with direct access to my most caring, talented and inspiring healers to guide you personally through this transformational journey.

If you ever feel stuck, you’ll be able to ask for help. If you start to lose confidence, we’ll be there to encourage and inspire you. If you feel unmotivated or unfocused, we’ll be there to steer you back and keep you on track until you reach your goal.

The Most Comprehensive Program I Have Ever Put Together Will Show You How To …

  • Move into full deservedness and Beingness of your desires.
  • Remove any resistance that is blocking your goals.
  • Enlist Creation itself to deliver your heart’s desires.
  • Be open to and know how to accept and ascertain the opportunities that flow towards you.
  • Activate the action required to partner with your destiny.
  • Ignite your Divine Mind inner intuition that guides you accurately.
  • Maintain your soul creations and further expand them.

What makes this event unique?

Many people try all sorts of things in an attempt to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Yet, the only direct path is anchoring into the cellular truth that your desires are already your truth!

As a Super-Thriver, you will learn how to unlock your highest potential in Love, Health and Wealth.

It’s inevitable for you!

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3 Month Money Back Guarantee

The MTE team and I are committed to you achieving radical results, and if you don’t, we didn’t do our job! This means you can join the Love, Health & Wealth Super-Thrive Program with no risk. If your True Life doesn’t start coming into view (on steroids), you get your money back.


Intimate & Radical Healing

The LHW Super-Thrive Program is limited to very small numbers … so that I can provide you with powerful and direct healing solutions that are specifically tailored to you.

  • 3 full-day workshops with Melanie

    3-full days of intensive healing with Melanie and her team from the comfort of your own home.

    Valued at $10,000
  • 12 online training sessions throughout the year

    Twelve Love, Health & Wealth training sessions. (Also from the comfort of your own home).

    Valued at $10,000
  • 12 months support

    12 months of personal MTE team email support.

    Valued at $5000
  • Life-time access to recordings and worksheets

    Every healing session, workshop, booklet and worksheet will be recorded and saved in your private members area – so you can re-watch and re-do the program as many times as you like!

    Valued at $Priceless
Total value = $25,000
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  • 3 full-day healing events on:
    Saturday January 20th, Saturday, January 27th and Saturday 3rd February
  • 12 Love, Health and Wealth workshops throughout the year
  • 12 months of ongoing MTE support & training

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