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Super Thriver Testimonies

This can be you.


As a result of working with Mel in the Love Health Wealth Program I went from not being interested in love, to knowing how to open my heart safely to it. I started dating and loved feeling safe, calm and able to have solid boundaries.

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TERRI, Australia


Over two decades, I committed over 10 years and $100,000 of training, development, time, energy and a lot of resources and nothing gave me abundant thriving!

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Darla , USA

Dr. Karen

After doing SO much counseling, coaching, leadership programs, tapping programs and yearlong personal growth programs, I feel qualified to say Mel's Love, Health, Wealth Program is THE BEST I have EVER done.

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Dr. Karen , USA


I signed up for Melanie's Quantum training and techniques, and my life changed 100-fold. Literal miracles started to come into my life. Support started to show up in ways for myself and my children that turned my life around. This was such a shift from previously never feeling supported to experiencing abundance in not just finances, but also in every way imaginable.

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Before doing Melanie's inner Quantum work, I was struggling to connect to the joy and ability to make money from the work I love - my art. After finding and releasing my inner blocks, my work exploded! I effortlessly sold many pieces for much higher prices. I started attracting overseas clients and now have been highly successful with on-line exhibitions and art shows.

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Kami, USA


The Love, Health and Wealth training with Melanie created breakthroughs for me that I didn’t believe were possible. I got my kids back after 3 years, after insurmountable previous struggles. As a result of the specific shifts, and the support from this incredible tribe, this fell into place – just as Melanie said it would.

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Kondwani, New Zealand


Since participating and being THRILLED to co-host with Mel in her Love, Health, Wealth Program, I have seen drastic positive changes in my own life, as well as so many others. Personally, I am off all meds and living healthily. This is astounding considering a few years ago I was so sick my doctor wanted me to make my end-of-life plans.

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Violet, USA


When Love Health and Wealth came around, I had already done really well with NARP. I was eating, sleeping, could take care of my kids and no longer having seizures. But I was still going through court battles with my ex.

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Niki, USA


After previously suffering severe trauma and not having any clear direction in my life, I have now achieved two Diplomas in Counselling and completed my Bachelor of Counselling at University. I am excited to know I will be able to help those traumatised by narcissism as well as contribute to academic research about this topic.

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Phil, Australia


My regular NARP practice had already healed so many of my heal issues, such as terrible fibromyalgia. However, I wasn’t consistent with my health practices. When I contracted a UTI and allergy issues re-emerged, I knew that I needed to commit more to healing myself.

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Gen, USA


Due to Narcissistic abuse my rosacea had never been this bad and was all over my face and even above my eyes. My face was very sore. The stress of the abuse had taken its toll in every area of my life.

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Faye , Australia