Anita Healed From a Life of Living Hell, into Her New State of Peace and Light

Name: Anita
Location: UK

    My Thriver Story

My life was filled with psychologically and physically abusive relationships. As a result, since a teenager I had self-harmed and developed eating disorders and addictions. After my narcissistic ex-husband sabotaged my business and started a relationship with my friend, I didn’t want to live. Desperate, abandoned, isolated and alone, I tried many different modalities, which didn’t heal me.

Melanie’s Healing Program was different, it shifted out the actual trauma inside me that was making me sick.  I began valuing myself, setting boundaries and caring for myself lovingly. Genuine healthy people began showed up in my life. Some of my bad habits and addictions literally vanished overnight!

Thank you, Mel, you’re literally a life-saver from a life I didn’t know how to get free from. I am now filling with Source, and the terrible inner pain and emptiness is gone. xxx

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