Elizabeth Lost Her Self Blame and Pain and Replaced It With Clarity and Consciousness

Name: Elizabeth
Location: USA

    My Thriver Story

For 40 years of life, despite my achievements, I was a walking neon sign for toxic people. After many failed relationships, I felt confused, sad, defective, abused, victimized and ignored. After leaving a 6-year narcissistic marriage I was in shock. Two weeks later I found NARP and Melanie.

The NARP program has been miraculous. With each healing, my body began to calm down and my blood pressure started to normalize. My mind reset to a clarity and consciousness I had not seen in many years.

The NARP healings, resources and community are priceless. I am beyond grateful to Melanie and the NARP team for providing such a life-changing and self-healing tool. It is truly amazing! Thank you, with so much love.

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