Finally, After Trying Everything, Faye Healed Her Relationship Agony of “Giving Herself Away.”

Faye - Australia
Name: Faye
Location: Australia

    My Thriver Story

I had been loving others at my own expense for years, despite years of self-help and therapy trying to create my own healthier relationship patterns and boundaries. The worst narcissist of all was my crashing point.

With NARP I went from handing my love and resources away for approval to now living an empowered, enriched and authentic life on my own terms, that also works beautifully in relationship with healthy others. The pain has gone, the anxiety is finished. I am free.

NARP is the only healing program / system that has ever granted me real healing results. I honestly concede that the life I live now, compared to one I did, is a miracle! Thank you, Melanie Tonia Evans, for the gift of NARP – it has completely changed my life.

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