Heather Found the Answers to Leave and Heal That Therapy Didn’t Provide Her

Name: Heather
Location: UK

    My Thriver Story

In May 2022, my marriage ended, and I was so broken, traumatised and ill, I knew I was in trouble. Despite 2 years of therapy and endless couple counselling, “narcissism” had never been identified. Rather, I thought I was the problem. Thankfully I heard the word “narcissist”, discovered Melanie, realised what had happened to me and that she offered true healing solutions.

I joined NARP and began the healings. The NARP forum was an amazing support; I received encouragement, love and answers quickly. It took over a year for me to leave for good, but there was a lot to heal.

My life now is calm and happy, the constant feeling of pressure is gone. I feel proud of myself that I broke away and was able to take care of myself. Overcoming this challenge makes me realise how amazing I actually can be.

Thanks Mel

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