Sasha Went From Being Trapped in Toxic Co-parenting, to Empowered Parenting Without Anxiety With Healthy Boundaries.

Name: Sasha
Location: Finland

    My Thriver Story

I found Melanie and NARP a year and a half after I was discarded by my ex-husband. I had extreme anxiety, no knowing how to set myself free from him. Conventional therapy and talking with family and friends provided no relief. I didn’t want to continue “living” and didn’t want to go on.

I started the NARP healings right away, desperately needing relief. My body reacted so well that after just 2 weeks the anxiety and devastating pain were gone!

Today, a bit over 2 years after starting NARP, I have established strong boundaries, I’m no longer afraid of the narcissist and I and my children have a much calmer life. Melanie and NARP were my salvation, and still are. Now I can’t imagine life any other way.

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