Vollie Aced Her Recovery and Separation and Generated Miraculous Outcomes In Stunning Timeframes

Name: Vollie
Location: USA

    My Thriver Story

Before finding Melanie’s NARP program I was in a narcissistic 22-year marriage. I had tried to get out many times, but I just couldn’t. I was stuck and trauma-bonded.

After 4-5 weeks of working the NARP program, things turned around in a major way. I got him out of the home with an order of protection and filed for divorce. I won all the court cases and full settlement and the kids are with me. I followed the teachings of Melanie and the others Thrivers who have also achieved such big wins. It all happened as a result of releasing and reprogramming my inner trauma, and walking “a straight line” just as Melanie said it would.

I went from pain, heartbreak and physical breakdown to freedom, growth, love, joy, peace of mind, fulfilment, acceptance, laughter, play and soooo much more. NARP is a LIFE SAVER. I thank God for leading me to this program. I am travelling, living in abundance, continuing to evolve and love BEING alive. I am so grateful I invested in myself. Everyone suffering abuse needs to do NARP. I’ll never stop bragging about it.

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