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Ready to Rebuild Your Life After a Toxic Relationship? Watch the Beyond Broken Workshop and Discover How.

If you’re stuck in an endless cycle of confusion, anxiety and loneliness as a result of a toxic relationship, you’re not alone.

Are You Struggling From the Devastating Impacts of a Toxic Relationship with a Narcissist?

I’m Melanie Tonia Evans, a narcissistic abuse recovery expert. 

And I know first-hand that narcissists specialize in leaving others feeling confused, distraught and powerless. They often target kind, loyal, loving, educated and successful people and start manipulating and lying in ways that carefully and methodically start to break spirits, shatter souls, and destroy lives.

Deep down we know this person is wrong for us and our connection to them is dangerous. Yet, very quickly, before we fully realize what’s happening, we find ourselves obsessing about this person and even though they cause us harm, we can’t seem to stay away. 


I know what it feels like to be hooked to someone who is toxic. I was once addicted to partners who were destroying me too, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault and it is possible to recover.

I’ve endured narcissistic abuse in two intimate relationships that nearly cost me my life. And for more than 10-years, I’ve helped women and men just like you break free from intimate partner, family, friend and coworker toxic relationships to heal completely, so they can dramatically transform their lives.


Ready to Heal for Real
and Recreate Your Life? 

Melanie’s leading-edge healing methods have transformed the lives of thousands of people from over 150 countries, enabling them to make astounding recoveries from narcissistic abuse and tap into their incredible intuition that guides them to their highest and best life - one full of connection, love, joy, creativity, abundance and ease.

Using her pioneering super-tool, Quanta Freedom Healing™, Melanie’s programs empower individuals to heal from trauma from the inside out, achieving results they never thought possible, even when other healing methods have failed.

By shifting out of suffering and eradicating pain and trauma, people can tap into limitless healing and abundance through these powerfully healing programs. 

Narcissistic abuse can devastate souls and destroy lives, leaving victims feeling worthless and struggling to function. Recovery is not only possible but probable when you turn inward to heal from the inside out.

This 10-module system has helped thousands reclaim control, heal trauma, cultivate self-love, and overcome toxic relationships. Align with your divine inner guidance and connect to your “Source Force” to create the life you desire and deserve.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program™

Shifts Happen Membership

We are at a pivotal moment in human evolution, with a strong call to higher consciousness. As low vibration partners, pastimes, and patterns disintegrate, we are prompted towards a spiritual upgrade and soul expansion.

Shifts Happen is a global community built on the powerful Quanta Freedom Healing™ process. This unique method has helped thousands align with their True Source Self, move beyond trauma, and access intuitive guidance, joy, and miracle breakthroughs.