You feel invalidated, manipulated, lied to and betrayed, and shocked at how someone can adore and then despise you in a heartbeat. Arguments with this person leave you reeling, or thinking maybe this is your fault. You have tried to make sense of this, reason with it and fix things, only to feel more abused, confused and discarded. Worse still, you may have lost money, resources, those you love and even your sanity, health and soul, at the hands of this person.

Your mind obsesses trying to solve this, or continues to haunt you, even if it happened decades ago.


The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

The ultimate blueprint for taking back control of your life and healing the trauma of abuse.

NARP is a unique Thriver Recovery System

which is different than traditional therapy. It creates a deep inner healing path, moving you from Victim to Survivor to Thriver.

Heal your damaged soul and start living the life you deserve now!

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Enabling you to:

  • Let go of your crippling past and life-crushing traumas without remorse, fear or regret.
  • Embrace your inner self-love and confidence that was buried under the abuse.
  • Take back control and your life-force from toxic individuals.
  • Attract healthy, genuine people who love and support you, rather than gaslight, exploit and abuse you.
  • Become healthier, happier and recover in ways that you did not know were possible.

Melanie Tonia Evans

Meet Mel

Melanie Tonia Evans survived and Thrived as a result of her NARP System after near fatal abuse. She is an internationally recognized narcissistic abuse recovery expert and the author of the Number 1 Amazon bestseller - You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse.

Melanie has been interviewed by several global mainstream channels and was awarded the prestigious Kindred Spirit Global Personality of The Year Award in 2019, for her contribution to global healing from abuse.

Her unique NARP system is recommended by doctors, counsellors, psychologists, specialists, domestic violence workers and relationship experts globally, after observing how people shift from trauma into healing, in ways and time frames that defied their usual expectations.


NARP is formulated with specific Quanta Freedom Healing "meditations"

NARP is formulated with specific Quanta Freedom Healing "meditations" to bypass your thoughts, directly heal your subconscious and quickly replace your inner trauma with peacefulness, insight, strength, hope and courage.

Quanta Freedom Healing is a powerful super-tool which reverses the symptoms of painful relationships and toxic people - and makes you impervious to continued abuse from them.

The ground-breaking NARP system with the Private Community Group, grants you loving support, clarity, answers, solutions and coaching, delivered by leading edge NARP trauma healers. These people were previously abuse victims, and are now, as a result of NARP healing, confident, successful, happy, healthy, free from abuse and radiant, and will help you become the same.

NARP is for you unconditionally!

  • Regardless of your sex, age, beliefs or who the painful or toxic relationship was with - i.e. family member, lover, spouse, boss, neighbour etc.
  • Whether or not the other person was a narcissist.
  • Even if you are still living with this person or have had no contact for decades.
  • If you are suffering from any relationship trauma, addiction, co-dependency or confusion.

NARP is a VITAL life-line of support and healing, if you are:

  • Dealing with the stress of co-parenting, stalking, hoovering or court and custody issues.
  • Struggling with heartbreak, being abandoned or replaced, obsessive thoughts and addictive feelings, or unable to let go and move on with your life.
  • Battling severe nervous system and health issues such as Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety, fibromyalgia, adrenal malfunction, agoraphobia, and any diagnosis as a result of the abuse, such as ADHD or autism.

The NARP Healings and Community have provided unprecedented breakthroughs for all of the above, including spectacular legal and custody wins, and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing even when assessed as psychological and medical impossibilities.

Why Is the NARP Healing System Unique to Other Therapy?

  • No longer are you trying to heal with people who can't help you heal or don't believe it's possible. You don't have to try to work out how to heal yourself. NARP is a highly successful, simple to follow step-by-step healing system, with real, proven results.
  • There is no more trying to manage your symptoms, thoughts and feelings of trauma indefinitely. Instead, you will go completely free from them.
  • Your lifetime of resources and Private NARP Community support comes at the cost of around 3 therapy sessions, with no hidden or further costs.
  • The Program has a no questions asked money-back guarantee refund policy. There is zero risk for you to try it, whilst receiving full benefits including NARP Community access from day one of your trial period.
  • Your NARP Healings and Community support can happen anytime, any day, from the comfort of your own home, or any location.
  • The NARP Community is gentle, loving, empowering and focused on true relief and healing solutions, rather than keeping you stuck in trauma - unlike traditional "survivor recoveries".
  • The entire NARP system is dedicated to help you break free of pain, fear, abuse and narcissistic individuals, to live your highest potential in life and love.
  • This system consistently works for anyone who applies it, even if you feel you are too damaged, too old or have lost too much to heal.

Live your dream

It's NOT to late for you! We have Thrivers who recovered, some against all odds, to live their dream life at all ages, even in their 80's!

I'm ready to heal my trauma and start living again NOW!

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Your NARP Membership Includes:

Proven to be the most effective system in the world to recover from narcissistic abuse, taking you from utter despair, shame and devastation, to relief, hope, peace and instilling normality back into your life.

Then accelerating your healing to break you free from the narcissist, and begin your new, abuse free life as more confident, capable and extended than you ever were even before abuse.

No matter your situation, if you've been hurt by toxic or painful relationships, the NARP modules are life changing. They transform you deeply on the inside, profoundly changing your entire life experience.

This following 10-step process is specifically formulated, used in order, to detox you from ALL traumatic people and events - clearing present day trauma, the hurts of the past, and the fear of your future.

This healing starts treating the most traumatising thoughts and feelings consuming you. As this dense energy is released from your unconscious, somatic, emotional body, you feel fast relief and the obsessive thoughts start to settle. You find there is "space" now to eat, sleep, function and formulate.

You start to recognise, even at this early stage, that there is a way out of the torture you have been suffering.
The second key healing process is where you start to release the feelings that you can't live or generate your life without the toxic person, or the insidious energetic connection with them.

Deep from your subconscious this creates freedom from the dependencies that this person is a source, love, approval, security, or survival to you. Feelings are reversed to bring you back home to being a solid source to yourself.

After completing this module, you will experience a significant decrease in your feelings of addiction, loss, and longing for the narcissist
One of the biggest blocks to healing from abuse is dealing with internal shame.

In this module we target and release blame, shame and non-accepting yourself and your life because of what's happened to you; we heal these emotions into self-love and self-acceptance.

As a result of working with this module, you can expect feelings of freedom, peace and renewed inspiration for your life.

(Please note this healing is most powerful in unison with the eBook exercise in "How To Set Yourself Free With Forgiveness.")
Step four of your healing journey is about releasing your trauma created by the narcissist's behaviour.

This healing module is invaluable to clear away the pain and fear of lies, deceit, smear campaigns and other narcissistic tactics.

You will feel like an intense weight has been lifted as your obsessional thoughts melt away and you start to live free from abuse patterns and the narcissist's ability to keep hurting you.

No longer vibrating in the pain of injustice, you cease to be a magnet for it. The narcissist's ability to continue acting out against you is disarmed.
Trying to make the narcissist accountable is one of the greatest hooks to keep you attached to handing your power over.

When you release yourself from the painful and panicked feelings of needing to get justice or to make the narcissist be accountable, peace and power arises from within.

After working with this module, regardless of what the narcissist does or doesn't do, you will have total emotional closure and feel a profound sense of detachment and relief.

It is usual after you work through this module, for the narcissist to completely lose their control over you.
Feeling responsible for the narcissist keeps you attached - painfully and dangerously.

If you are empathetic and stay attached, you will be scapegoated and blamed for the narcissist's poor behaviour.

This module is vital because it grants you relief, detachment and a release from believing it is your responsibility to fix the narcissist and take the blame for their shortcomings.

Incredible clarity and the ability to partner healthily with yourself and others, in a way that no longer enables others to hurt you, comes as a result of working with this module.
In step seven of your journey, you will shift into the deeper acceptance and purpose of why you were in a narcissistic relationship.

This creates a powerful anchoring into realising that life is operating 'through you' and not 'to you', granting you the ability to transcend your woundedness and to evolve.

After completing this module you will start feeling optimistic about your goals and, as your life begins to flourish, start to sense many future possibilities.
This module is one of the most-used healing sessions in NARP, and for good reason.

Narcissists can be ruthless in custody and property settlements, with gaslighting, abuse by proxy through the use of authorities, and when trying to hook you back into the relationship.

This healing enables you to shift any amount of pain and fear out of your Inner Being, dissolving your attraction point of "more of the same". If this healing is done diligently, it has been found to completely remove a toxic person's ability to hurt, attack or effect you in any way - literally and powerfully.

Many NARP members have had false charges dropped, smear campaigns dissolve away, and miraculous custody and property settlements in their favour as a result of working this module diligently.
This healing is the process to raise your energy into your True Self state where you are no longer a vibrational match for a toxic individual. Module nine is the most powerful "tie-cut" imaginable.

After using this module, you will experience the release of the last pieces of grief, loss and pain connecting you to this person.

As a result, you will break free to create your new life without memories and old wounds resurfacing.
This final module allows you to align with living in love, truth, integrity, peace and joy.

After working solidly through the other modules, you've reached a level where you can claim your True Self within this final healing session.

You will expand forwards with feelings of joy, liberation, freedom and confidence, as the result of working with this module.

Your NARP Membership Includes:

This 8-part series provides you with a roadmap to effectively master the Quanta Freedom Healing process, no matter how new you are to this type of healing. You'll learn healing hacks, how to overcome blocks, and Melanie's tips for the most powerful shifts and breakthroughs.

Self-partnering is the true key to healing abuse trauma, but sadly it's something very few of us were taught. In this video you will learn the vital ingredients to self-partnering effectively, allowing you to become your greatest supporter and advocate through any difficult situation.
By learning how to communicate with your Inner Being, you will be amazed and relieved at how natural and wonderful it feels. This video will help you feel the love you always wanted to receive, to start attracting other genuine, supportive, and healthy people.
Member feedback, over the years, has allowed us to identify potential blocks in your way and what helps people heal the fastest. This video is dedicated to explaining the most effective approach to healing, as well as providing lots of tips to help make the process powerful and rewarding.
Video four guides you on how to honour, nurture and nourish yourself, creating a 'Self', who knows how to generate healthy relationships with others. The self-care techniques included are vital in supporting your emotional, mental, and physical being throughout your healing journey.
With any new direction, there are challenges that come up as you progress. This video answers the most common road-blocks you will face as you heal, and provides you with the best strategies to overcome them and keep moving forwards.
Your ego wants to remain stuck in pain and hold onto the negative stories you tell yourself. This video teaches you how to recognise when the ego is in charge and gives you the most effective way to break free from its previous power over you.
When you start releasing trauma, there will be another layer waiting for you underneath. This video helps you recognise the truth about how your Inner Being unfolds trauma and how to continue evolving yourself, one layer at a time.
This video is about developing a powerful self-orientation to carry forth into your new abuse-free life. Here you will learn our best tips for not getting snagged in victimisation, so that you can break your cycle of pain and abuse as soon as possible.

read books

Empowering eBooks

In these eBooks you will learn the most impactful abuse recovery teachings discovered by Melanie. Gaining a deeper understanding of these topics will bring you clarity and relief and ensure that your progress in your recovery and your personal evolution is as effective as possible.



Empowerment and Relaxation Meditations

Feel your anxieties, obsessive thoughts and stresses melt away with these calming meditations. A perfect supplement to your evening routine to help you feel warm, comfortable and protected for a good night's rest.


Goal Setting Module

Do you also have inner blocks regarding self-confidence, work, money or love? This module harnesses the true power of Quanta Freedom Healing to release these internal barriers and reshape your Inner Identity to be a match for the life you were born to live.


Source Healing and Resolution Module

This module shows you how to surrender to a Higher Power that can step in and heal what you don't have the power to. You will discover how you can heal and resolve states, or any limits in your life, in ways that are nothing short of miraculous.


The Thriver's Life Module

This module takes your expansion even further, by clearing your limiting beliefs on any chosen topic and enlisting your highest potential. Be prepared after using this module to make huge unprecedented leaps forwards in your life.

Author of Dodging Energy Vampires and The New York Times bestseller Goddesses Never Age

«Melanie Tonia Evans knows the personal hell of Narcissistic Abuse up close and personal. More importantly, she has discovered a pathway out of this purgatory - and that is the Quanta Freedom Healing method.

My colleague's healing - and that of thousands of others - has been greatly speeded up through the incredibly effective work of Melanie Tonia Evans, which I discovered several years ago. I have another friend who, during her divorce, went through Melanie's NARP program. She would call me every day with her insights, her emotional breakdowns to breakthroughs, and her progress. She too is now thriving on every level.»

Christiane Northrup, MD

The New York Times bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in "The One"

«The depth and insight that Melanie Tonia Evans offers to those in the process of narcissistic abuse recovery is unparalleled. The sheer wealth of her wisdom and volume of her warmth and care will have you better in no time, and ensure you graduate forever from giving your power away to someone ever again.»

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT



NARP comes with a complete no-questions-money-back guarantee, which means you get to try the entire program for 30 days and if you don't receive fantastic, radical and LIFE-CHANGING results you are eligible for a full refund.


Please know we passionately grant you all of our love and support, to ensure you become our next thriver story.

All you need to do is send one email within the 30 day period to [email protected] to request your full money-back refund.

We can't wait to welcome you into our incredible on-line NARP Community -the most beautiful, courageous and inspirational souls from all over the world that you have ever met.

I've had enough of the pain, I want to become a NARP Member today

What You Will Receive



Ten Quanta Freedom Healing Modules

The proven 10-step system to heal each wound sustained through narcissistic abuse

Quanta Freedom Healing Workbook

Master Your Healing Journey Video Series

Learn the vital ingredients to go from victim, to survivor to Thriver in this transformational 8-part video series

Master Your Healing Journey Transcripts and Exercises

Life-time access to the NARP Support Forum

Your 24/7 support network to guide and cheer you on through your recovery (over 20,000 members)

Seven Empowering eBooks

Learn how to set boundaries, heal from co-dependency, align your emotions and logic, and more!

Bonus #1 - Empowerment and Relaxation Meditations

A full-body relaxation and empowerment track designed to provide you with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Bonus #2 - Goal Setting Module

Manifest your hearts desires and become a match for the life you were born to live

Bonus #3 - Source Healing and Resolution Module

Activate the power of Source and your Higher Power to heal the unhealable

Bonus #4 - The Thriver's Life Module

Take your journey further by expanding into your Thriver's life

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Silver Package



Frequently Asked Questions

Is NARP also for people who have been abused by someone other than an intimate partner?
Yes, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program has provided real recovery results for people suffering abuse from family members, friends and co-workers – in fact any narcissist in their life.
Will the Program work for me if I am still in the relationship with him/her?
Yes, many people have used NARP while still in the relationship to gain strength and courage, take their power back, and make empowered decisions.
How long do results take?
It all depends on how much effort you put in – the more often you commit to the healings, the faster the results. Most members experience dramatic relief in 1–3 months and often experience a complete turnaround in their life and wellbeing within 6–12 months.
What if I am not good at technology and don't know how to download the Program?
No need to worry! We have a support team who are happy to help you gain access to all your program materials on all your preferred devices.